Shinrin and surrounding area map-compass-1600.png

The Casual RP Campaign follows a boy, guard, thief and veteran as they are caught between the wild cries of the jungle and the hammers of industry.

Originally Casual RP began with Sean running a game for Travis, Jasher, Hamish, Caleb, and Hope, but eventually it evolved into a D&D real-play podcast. So below you can look back and explore the sessions we did before the podcast (Pre-Podcast), and the continuing sessions of the podcast itself.

Campaign Chapters

Chapter I: Cry of the Jungle
Chapter II: Way of the Jungle
Chapter III: Heart of the Jungle
Chapter IV: Price of the Jungle
Chapter V: Curse of the Jungle

[1]High Resolution Map of Shinrin and the Jungle

[2]High Resolution Map of Eastern Kelmarth

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